skills and services

Sound Asset Creation

Sound effects! It’s what I do! I can create original sound assets that fit the style of your game. I have a large sound library of material to draw from as well as recording equipment and synthesis software to create new sounds. I use all these elements as layers or puzzle pieces to be warped in creative ways and then carefully joined together to create cool and unique sound assets.

Audio Implementation

At its most basic, audio implementation is simply making the game trigger sounds in the proper time and place. But it can be so much more exciting!

Video games are these beautiful, ever changing piles of information. Like any other elemet, audio can respond to the game to create meaningful and rich audio experiences. Working with designers, artists, and programmers, I can help create audio systems that react to the player and help make the world feel alive!

My favorite tools for creating these systems are Wwise and FMOD Studio. They are middleware tools that integrate into the game project, giving sound designers a lot of power and flexibility while saving programmers a lot of time. They also give us sound designers powerful debugging tools that allow us to troubleshoot and fix many audio issues on our own, which again saves everyone valuable time. While they’re not an absolute necessity, it’s likely I will highly recommend using one of them for your project.

Voice Talent Recording and Processing

I have a small home studio that is acoustically treated and equipped with high end recording equipment. If you have a voice actor you’d like to work with, I can schedule a voice over session at my home. This is a good option for projects with tight budgets that still want to deliver professional results. Additionally, if you need to find a voice actor for your project, I have connections to several and can probably find someone who fits your needs.

For larger and more complex recording services, I have connections with larger recording studios in Austin and can work with one that meets the needs of your project.

Beyond recording, I can process the voice to add an extra coat of polish and I can add effects as desired (e.g., the voice can be made to sound like it’s coming from a dashboard radio).

Game Engines and Version Control

My favorite game engine to work in is Unity. I also have experience with Unreal Engine, GameMaker Studio, and proprietary AAA game engines. While I wouldn’t call myself a programmer, I’m not afraid to do some scripting to get my audio implemented properly.

I also have used several kinds version control including Git (via GitHub), TortoiseSVN, and Perforce. I’m sure I can learn whatever version control workflows you may have that are unique to your project.