games I’ve worked on

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

As a junior sound designer of a three person audio team called The Sound Department, I did technical audio work in porting over Uncharted 1, 2, and 3 to the PS4 as a bundle called Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. Working with Bluepoint Games, we first brought the audio back to parity with the PS3 versions of the games, then we worked to improve the overall audio while staying true to the original vision.

Final Approach

Again as part of The Sound Department, I created sound assets designed to sound great in a VR environment. The sound design process was a mixture of pulling from library sounds as well as bespoke recordings done in my home studio, then processing and blending sound layers to create original sound assets. As I was not the one only one designing sound assets for this project, special care and coordination was taken to ensure that all audio assets worked well together to create a cohesive, unified audio experience that fit with Phaser Lock’s vision. I also just had a lot of fun playing around in VR!

Ashi Wash

Some friends and I made this project in a game jam as an excuse to learn the Unreal Engine. I designed all the sound effects and then implemented them using Unreal’s Blueprints Visual Scripting system. I also had a role in designing the game. Ashi Wash was featured on Kill Screen and Rock, Paper, Shotgun and was played by many Youtubers including Guava Juice, Squeezie, Gloom Games, and Markiplier. The game has been viewed over 20 million times on Youtube and has been downloaded from our page over 21,000 times. For the month of April, 2017, Ashi Wash was exhibited in Quai10’s Espace Gaming exhibition in Charleroi, Belgium.

Pin Heads Bowling

This was an original title developed for Comcast’s “Xfinity Games” platform. A cartoony take on bowling, it features talking anthropomorphized bowling pins. The Sound Department recorded a voice actor performing a large variety of very short lines. I edited the recording session down to their individual lines and processed them to create a more cartoony character. Also for this project, I worked with the Sound Department to record numerous bowling and environment sounds at a local bowling alley. I later helped in editing and processing those recordings to make our own “bowling sound library” for us to draw from as needed.

So Much Blood

A small game by Zack Berenger made in GameMaker. I created all the sound assets except for the music.


This little game might not look like much, but this was the first game I created almost entirely by myself. The game was made for the Duplicade Game Jam. Brother Android created the music loop and David09 assisted me in the title screen art. The game served as a way to build up my C# scripting skills as well as become more generally familiar with Unity. The sound effects were created and implemented by me, including my favorite – the “Kool Bert!” yell at the title screen.